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Police Pistol 2

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Police Pistol 2

1.         Firearms: Any center-fire pistol or revolver .354 to .455 calibers. Only one spare magazine or quick loader and a suitable holster are allowed.


2.         Sights:  Any open metal sights from any manufacturer, in any colour. Rear sights may be fixed or adjustable and fixed open front sights may not extend beyond the front of the slide. Orthoptics, hooded or telescope sights are not allowed.


3.         Grips: Orthopedic and target type as well as weighted grips are not allowed. Grips may be modified or changed because of the size of a competitor’s hands or to facilitate loading. Finger groove and slip on grips are allowed. Thumb rest grips/stocks, tape on the grip or any substance (except sweat preventers) which results in a sticky surface to the grip or hand, are not allowed.


4.    Trigger:

Revolvers - If the revolver has single action capability the single action trigger pull must not be less than 2.5 lbs. (1 135 g). A trigger stop is allowed.


Pistols - Trigger pull must not be less than 3 lbs (1 360 g) single action or those of double action capability only. A trigger stop is allowed.


5.    Ready position for Practice 1: Standing with the firearm held at 45 degrees, pointing at ground while targets are not facing. Firearm will be loaded, with a round in the chamber and hammer may be cocked.


6.      Ready position for rest of practices: Standing with firearm holstered. Hands must be clear of the firearm. Revolver loaded but may not be cocked, while pistols loaded but no round chambered, hammer may be cocked.


7.         Targets: HGW6 Sport Shooting PP1 Full, one per competitor.


8.         Ammunition: A maximum of 66 rounds of hand loaded or factory loaded ammunition, to be supplied by the competitor.


9.     Course of Fire:

         Warm – up: 6 warm-up shots at 50 meters in 5 minutes (300 seconds). Telescopes or binoculars may be used for spotting. Other than in the warm-up stage, no telescope or binoculars are allowed to be used by competitors.

During the warm-up stage, all competitors must fire until their firearm is empty and then only return their firearm to their holster, before using either their telescope or binoculars.

However, only for competitors shooting revolvers, who wish to see where they are shooting while their firearm is still loaded in-between warm-up shots, an allowance can be made. Such competitors must ensure that their revolver’s hammer is down and it is returned to their holster only, before using either their telescope or binoculars.

Firearms may not be placed on the ground or anywhere except in the holster or held in hand (with finger off trigger) during the warm-up stage, in order for competitors to use their telescope or binoculars.


Practice 1        7M         12 rounds. 6 shots in 5 seconds, shot twice.

                                       Score/Change Target.


Practice 2        50M    24 rounds in 3 minutes (180 seconds - all reloading must take place after changing positions, single or double action).

6 shots prone                

6 shots kneeling or sitting

6 shots standing, left hand, left side of barricade

6 shots standing, right hand, right side of barricade

Score/Change Target.


          Practice 3        25M    24 rounds in 2 minutes (120 seconds - all reloading must take place after changing positions, double action only)

6 shots standing, unsupported

6 shots kneeling or sitting

6 shots standing, right hand, right side of barricade

6 shots standing, left hand, left side of barricade

Score/Change Target.


10.    Malfunctions: Other than defective targets, target mechanisms, range failures or range malfunctions, there are no allowances for malfunctions and no competitor will be allowed to re-fire because of a disabled pistol, a defective cartridge or any shooter or firearm related malfunction.


11.    General: Only one pre-filled quick loader or spare magazine may be used and the remaining ammunition for the practice must be carried on the shooting person and not placed on the ground. In practice 2 and 3, once the revolver or pistol is loaded the competitors will have one spare filled quick loader or magazine and the remaining 12 loose rounds in a pocket, belt or pouch which must be loaded by hand during the practice. Any quick loader, magazine, rounds or other items needed for practice 2 and 3, which falls to the ground or is dropped, must be considered lost and may not be picked up or retrieved for use. A conventional right- or left-handed holster must be used. For safety reasons, shoulder, cross draw, or holsters which require releasing by insertion of finger within the trigger guard will not be allowed. Holsters must completely cover the trigger.


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