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Service Pistol Optical

1.              Firearms:

Revolvers - A revolver chambered to fire center-fire cartridges .354 caliber or larger. There are no restrictions on the barrel.

Pistols - Center-fire semi-automatic pistols of .354 caliber or larger. There are no restrictions on the barrel.


2.    Sights: No restrictions other than possibly the national firearm laws. Optical or electronic, fixed or adjustable. Front sight may not extend beyond the muzzle.


3.    Grips: Orthopedic and target type as well as weighted grips are not allowed. Grips may be modified or changed because of the size of a competitor’s hands or to facilitate loading. Finger groove and slip on grips are allowed. Thumb rest grips/stocks, tape on the grip or any substance (except sweat preventers) which results in a sticky surface to the grip or hand, are not allowed.


4.    Trigger:

Revolvers - If the revolver has single-action capability the single action trigger pull must not be less than 2.5 lbs. (1 135 g). A trigger stop is allowed.


Pistols - Trigger pull must not be less than 3 lbs (1 360 g) single action or those of double action capability only. A trigger stop is allowed.


5.       Position: Standing, both hands may be used to hold or steady the firearm.


6.    Ready position: Pistol held at waist height parallel to the ground, pointing to the targets. Firearm will be loaded, with a round in the chamber and hammer may be cocked.


7.    Targets: HGW Sport Shooting Service Pistol B Full, 2 per Competitor.


8.    Ammunition:  24 rounds of hand or factory loaded ammunition, to be supplied by the competitor.


9.      Course of Fire (24 rounds)

Practice 1           25M      6 shots on the left target in 15 seconds.


Practice 2        20M    6 shots, 3 on each target in 10 seconds.


Practice 3        15M    6 shots on the right target. The target will make 3 appearances of 3 seconds with intervals of 5 seconds. 2 shots to be fired at each appearance.  The pistol must be returned to the readyposition between target exposures.   


Practice 4        10M    6 shots, 3 on each target in 6 seconds.


10.    Malfunctions: Other than defective targets, target mechanisms, range failures or range malfunctions, there are no allowances for malfunctions and no competitor will be allowed to re-fire because of a disabled pistol, a defective cartridge or any shooter or firearm related malfunction.



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