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In terms of SAPA’s Constitution, membership renewal fees in respect of both members and Provincial affiliation are payable from 1 January of each year and due by 31 January of the same year.

The duration of membership is from 1 January to 31 December of a year, in terms of the Constitution to coincide with SAPA’s Financial Year.

 New members and existing members who wish to renew their affiliation, are requested to take note of the Central Firearm Registry (CFR) requirement that all members must be affiliated to the shooting structure, ie: affiliated to a Club, which is affiliated to the Province, which in turn is affiliated to SAPA.  SAPA is affiliated to the SA Shooting Sport Confederation (SASSCo), which is affiliated to the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF).  All events are presented in terms of ISSF and NPA/NRA/PPC rules and regulations.

Provinces are reminded that with effect from 1 January 2014, all members must be fully affiliated and Club membership will fall away as agreed at the 2014 Annual Council Meeting.

 All affiliation fees must be paid to the member’s Club.  A List of Membership Form should be completed by the Club, and forwarded to the respective Province, together with the required affiliation fee and substantiating Personal Details form and additional documents where required, for onward transmission to SAPA.  An Electronic List of Membership Forms was distributed to all Provinces on 14 December 2009, for ease of distant Clubs.  The Booklet Forms will however still be accepted by SAPA .  Please indicate on your List of Membership Forms against the member’s name, which members’ Club laminated cards are enclosed for REPLACEMENT, preferably in RED.

 Members who retained their laminated Club membership cards, when previously upgrading to full membership, and vice versa, thus being in possession of 2 laminated affiliation cards, should return the Club level affiliation card for cancellation without delay.  Please indicate on your 2014 List of Membership Forms against the member’s name, which members’ Club laminated cards are enclosed for CANCELLATION, preferably in RED. 

All new Personal Details Form must be DULY completed by ALL members at the beginning of every year.  An electronic version was distributed to all Provinces under cover of Circular 32/2009, for ease of distribution to distant members and Clubs.  Kindly note that handwritten Personal Details forms will be accepted by the SAPA Office, as in the past, members are however requested to PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY.  Each member’s documentation should be stapled together and the names of new members lightly printed on the reverse of photos (without damaging the photos), to save time and possible errors.

Proof of payment should be attached to the respective List of Membership Form, to which hard copies of the Personal Details Forms are attached when submitted to the SAPA Office.  Personal Details Forms must not be emailed to the SAPA Office, due to the volume of emails received daily.

The List of Membership Form is SAPA’s proof that that the member is affiliated to the shooting structure. 

Kindly complete the deposit reference (eg. GN affiliations List GN0013 - 0015/2013, or List of Membership GN0013/2013), in cases where direct deposits are made into the SAPA Bank account, and fax or email a copy of the proof of payment to the SAPA Office.  Please ensure that a summary of the various Lists of Membership Forms indicating the respective amounts deposited, are enclosed which should balance with the total amount of the deposit.

FULL MEMBERSHIP AFFILIATION FEE : R500.00 per year (Club, Provincial, National & Internationalparticipation)
JUNIOR MEMBER FULL AFFILIATION : R270.00 per year (Club, Provincial, National & Internationalparticipation)
PROVINCIAL BODIES : R250.00 per year

REPLACEMENTS LOST SAPA CARD : R20.00 for laminated card only
(includes laminated affiliation card)

Provinces are reminded to convey the contents of this Circular to all Clubs, advising that a penalty of R50.00 will be imposed on all late affiliation renewals paid to SAPA after 31 January 2017, in terms of the SAPA Constitution.  Kindly ensure that all affiliations are paid to SAPA by 31 January 2017 to avoid penalties. Affiliations received by SAPA after 31 January 2017, are subject to a R50.00 penalty per member. 

New members, and existing members who are not in possession of an affiliation pouch, are requested to take note of the following requirements, of which the documentation must be submitted to their Club together with the affiliation fee:

  • 2 recent colour passport photos of the applicant/member (Name & SAPA number where available, to be printed on the reverse of each photo, without causing damage to the photo;

  • A clear certified copy of the applicant/member’s ID document;

  • A duly completed Personal Details Form (All areas to be completed and signed by the applicant/member).

  • R40.00 for the laminated membership card and pouch (this is a once-off payment for the pouch which will be used annually;

  • Members who were previously affiliated at Club level and did not renew their affiliation for the past 3- 5 years, or who may also be in possession of 2 laminated membership cards, are requested to return their existing Club membership card, via their Province, with their affiliation payment.

  • (This ruling also applies to Range Officers and Coaches who upgrade, to return their previous RO or Coach Licence for un upgraded licence.)

  • Members who were previously qualified as Range Officers and have not renewed their affiliation for 1 year or more, and wish to be re-instated as RO’s, must inform their Provinces to be re-assessed after gaining knowledge of possible Rule updates and practical experience, for approval by the respective CNRO’s.

Please take note that all members who have not renewed their affiliations for the past 3 years are requested to indicate their “old SAPA Number” where available, to avoid duplications.  The “old SAPA Number” will be allocated to the member as far as possible, if the number has not already been allocated since the member’s last affiliation.

Pro-rata affiliation fees with effect from 1 July 2017 for new members only, will remain 60% of the annual fee, plus the R40.00 cost of a pouch.

Existing members who renew their affiliations after 1 July of a year, do not qualify for the reduced fee as indicated above, but have to pay the full annual affiliation amount. 


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