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In terms of the new Legislation all affiliated SAPA members must be part of the shooting



-  This means that all members must be affiliated to a Club which is affiliated to the Province,

   which in turn is affiliated to SAPA.

-  SAPA is affiliated to the SA Shooting Sport Confederation (SASSCo) and pays an annual

   affiliation fee in respect of each affiliated member to SASSF, SASSF is affiliated to the

   International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF).

-  SASSF is the National body with whom Government and the SA Sports Commission

   negotiate in terms of funding for all international shooting sport events and the awarding of

   National Colours.


-  SA Pistol Association’s affiliated members are eligible to participate in pistol, and

   revolver target shooting events in the ISSF and NPA/PPC/NAR & 1500 disciplines at Club,

   Provincial, and National level.

-  Participation in International events is determined in terms of the shooters log tables which

   are maintained by SAPA Statisticians.


-  Should you or your Club decide to affiliate as an affiliated Club of the SA Pistol     

  Association, your Province would be determined in terms of your residential / geographical   

  area, and your Club must be affiliated to the respective Provincial Pistol Association.  The  

  general rule is for a Club and its members to affiliate to the same Province, wherein they

  reside or are geographically situated.  There are however, members who have chosen to

  affiliate to two Clubs or Provinces, but they are obligated to shoot for their primary Club or

  Province in all National and Provincial Championships.


-  Members who wish to affiliate must ensure that they submit a completed Personal Details

   form (obtainable on the SAPA website, or from the Provincial

   Secretary), a certified copy of their ID, 2 colour passport photos and a once-off fee of R40

   for their affiliation pouch, together with their annual affiliation fees, as determined by the

   Province, to their Club.


-  SAPA’s official List of Membership form which is completed by all Clubs and submitted to

   the respective Provincial Association in respect of affiliated members, is SAPA’s record that

   the respective member/s is/are affiliated to a Club and the Province.  This form is thus

   proof of affiliation to the shooting structure in terms of the legislation if CFR should do a

   random inspection.


-  All affiliated Clubs are required to maintain a register of their affiliated members, and of

   members who attend and participate on shooting days, for CFR inspection purposes, as

   and when required. Members are thus reminded to sign the register at their Ranges on

   shooting days.


-  SAPA annually presents an open National Championship which is normally held the week

   directly after the Easter weekend.  The entry form and details are always available on dates  

   closer to the event, on the website.    Germany, Namibia, Lesotho,

   Russia and one or two members from Sweden have all participated during the past five



-  Various Provincial Championships are presented throughout the year.  SAPA’s annual

   calendar, which specifies the dates and venues of the various Championships is available

   on the SAPA website:  Entry forms for the respective

   Championships are placed on the website, as and when they become available closer to

   the date of the events.

-  Dedicated Sport Shooter (DSS) Certificates are issued to active dedicated members who

   apply to renew their firearm licences, in terms of SAPA’s negotiations with Central Firearms

   Registry (CFR).   A SAPA DSS Certificate certifying that a member is classified as a  

   Dedicated Sports Shooter, can only be issued by SAPA as the official accredited body for

   Pistol & Revolver sport target shooting in South Africa.  This means that any member or

   Club, not within the SAPA structure, will be unable to request a Certificate from SAPA for

   classification of one of their members as a Dedicated Sports Shooter for renewal of their

   firearm licences.


-  Dedicated Sport Shooters (affiliated active members) will have to prove that they

   participate in the shooting sport with each firearm in their possession, to ensure that

   their licences will be renewed.  A shooters logbook must thus be maintained and signed by

   the Range Officer or Official on duty after each event, in respect of participation in all Club

   competitions, Provincial Leagues, Provincial and National Championships.  Shooters

   Logbooks are available from the SAPA Office. 


-  In order to ensure that the system is not abused by people who merely want to retain or

   own multiple firearms (Pistols & Revolvers), DSS Certificates are only issued to members     

   who can prove their active participation, and have acquired the necessary points as

   negotiated with Central Firearms Registry (CFR).  All members are thus encouraged to

   renew their affiliation annually, as CFR requires that SAPA inform them annually of   

   members who have not renewed their affiliation.


-  DSS Points are allocated in respect of participation on the following basis:

   Official Club competition                    1 point per event

   Provincial League                               2 points per event

   Provincial Championship                    3 points per event

   National Championship                       4 points per event

   International Championship                 5 points per event


-  An official motivational letter can be issued to affiliated SAPA members on request, for

   submission to CFR in respect of applications for new firearm licences for sport shooting   

   events.   The applications are approved by Clubs and Provincial Committees before

   submission to SAPA..


-  Targets and patches are available to affiliated members, from the SAPA Office at

   affordable prices.   Members are discouraged to purchase targets for, or on behalf of non-

   affiliated members, as they do not qualify for the subsidized target prices.


-  ISSF and NPA/PPC/NRA and 1500 disciplines, are presented under ISSF and

   NPA/PPC/NRA/1500 rules, with qualified Range Officers officiating at affiliated Clubs and



-  Members who are well acquainted with the official rules may apply to write Range Officer

   exams to qualify as Range Officers in both ISSF and NPA/PPC disciplines, after a one year

   term of membership.


-  Members who were previously affiliated to SAPA (eg 2004 and before) and who wish to  

   renew their affiliation, may indicate their “old SAPA membership numbers” on their Personal

   Details Forms to assist the SAPA Office in allocating the same numbers where possible.    

   Should the same numbers no longer be available, another number will be allocated.


-  The duration of SAPA membership is from 1 January to 31 December of a year, in terms of

   the SAPA Constitution, which coincides with SAPA’s Financial Year.


-  The names and the contact numbers of contact persons of the various Provincial

   Committees are also available on the website.


-  The Provincial Chairpersons will supply you with details of all Clubs to which you could

   affiliate, as well as the Provincial requirements.


-  Each individual Club and Province determine their own membership affiliation fee, and

   further details in this regard are obtainable from the respective Clubs or Provinces.

-  New members who affiliate after 1 July of a year pay a pro-rata SAPA annual affiliation

   fee as determined by the SAPA Council, at the ACM which is applicable to the year of

   affiliation plus  a R40 once-off payment for their affiliation pouch.


-  In terms of SAPA’s Constitution, membership renewal fees in respect of both SAPA

   membership and Provincial affiliations are due before 31 January of each year.


-  A new Personal Details Form must be DULY completed by ALL members at the beginning   

   of every year.  Each new member’s documentation should be stapled together and the

   names of new members lightly printed on the reverse of photos (without damaging the  

   photos or smudging ink on them), to save time and possible errors.  Photos are not required  

   when existing members renew their annual affiliation.


-  The List of Membership Form which is submitted to SAPA by the respective Province as

   proof of affiliation is the Club, Province and SAPA’s proof that that the member is affiliated  

   to the shooting structure, in terms of CFR requirements.


Please do not hesitate to contact the SAPA Office either telephonically or electronically, if you should have any further questions.  Office Hours are Monday to Friday 08h30 to 13h00.



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