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Success at 13th Africa Shooting Championship

Congratulations to Chris-Mari for receiving the bronze medal at the Africa Championships.

What makes her achievement more remarkable is that she received a one point penalty before the start of the finals for a rule violation. She however fought back and ended in 3rd place only 0,8 points behind the gold medal winner.

This is her 5th medal on the international circuit as she also were on the podium in the Netherlands and Austria.


13th Africa Shooting Championship

The 13th Africa Championships will be held in Cairo, Egypt from 19th April – 3rd May 2017.

This is a self-funding competition and those interested in competing in 50m and Air Pistol will have to participate in the Southern Gauteng Championships as a once off trial.

SAPF will make a portion of the cost available to those that qualify. Note that past competitive history will be a strong consideration.

We hope that despite the short notice, adequate preparations will be made and that the MQS’ will be surpassed.

PPC World Championships 2017

The PPC World Championships 2017 will be held in Germany at the Alsfled Range from the 16 August to 20 August 2017. The World Championship is the most prestigious of the PPC Championships as most members of the WA1500 send teams to compete against one another. The last PPC World Championship 2015 was held in Sweden and fortunately now in Germany which has proven to be the most accessible and convenient country to travel to for sport shooting.

The South African Pistol Federation has decided that it will be sending a team to participate in the PPC World Championships 2017. The teams will be selected from the Revolver and Pistol 1500 National Logs. The top 2 shooters will be selected from each of the National Logs and will be awarded National Colours if the highest score achieved in a provincial or national championship is at least 1456. There will also be a SAPF Team selected for interested shooters wishing to be part of the team competing at the PPC World Championships.

All members are encouraged to practise and participate in as many club, league and championship shoots as possible. A recommendation to shooters from the same province is to create a group of interested shooters to practice together to encourage and motivate one another. Kindly send your details to the NPA/PPC Vice President via email to indicate your intention of participating in the PPC World Championships 2017.

There will be more information and details to follow.



As of end of June 2015, I have managed to convince Suburban Guns in Cape Town to import a small batch of Baikal model 46-M pneumatic match-grade air pistols into South Africa.

The 46-M is a single-stroke pneumatic air pistol with excellent 5-way adjustable trigger, fabulous sights, superb accuracy and full orthopaedic adjustable grip, available in both Left and Right-hand versions.

I have some experience with these well-presented air pistols, and have equipped over 60 high school and competition shooters with Baikals in the past two years.

The retail price for the Baikal model 46-M is anywhere between R6,225 and R8,250, depending where you buy it, BUT…..

I have a special pricing concession for ISSF air pistol shooters that will see these great pistols supplied to SAPA registered shooters at R5,650, delivered anywhere in the country.

Interested shooters should order through me to get this special price - payment to be made directly to Suburban Guns in Cape Town please.


I also have entry level ZORAKI air pistols available for juniors, Ladies and new air pistol shooters - the Zoraki HP-01 is a well-made, reliable air pistol that is a multi-stroke pneumatic air pistol and once again, I have supplied over 40 shooters country-wide with this really nice start-up air pistol.

At a Retail price of around R3,900 normally, the special SAPA registered shooters price, available through Suburban Guns in CT is just R3,350, making this an excellent buy.


Very shortly Suburban Guns will also have world-class Qiang Yuan Olympic grade wadcutter-style pellets in 4,5-mm and 4,49mm wadcutter size in stock. Training pellets will sell for about R70 per tin of 500, and Precision-batched pellets in special carry case, will be available for under R200 per tray of 200 pellets.

According to statistics by ISSF (30/07/2010), among the top ten world-ranking shooters (10m Air Rifle Men), five shooters used Qiang Yuan airgun pellets.

These pellets are also chosen by Indian, Malaysian, Chinese and Korean pistol shooters for their accuracy, consistency and exceptional grouping.

I personally test-fired the Qiang Yuan Olympic grade pellets in a benchers using a weather LG300 precision air rifle - the QY pellets outperformed all other pellets tested, and achieved an average 10-shoot group size of under 5,2mm - amazing performance indeed.

Contact Details

Shaun Kennedy

Alberton Sports Shooting Club

Tel: 011 763-1755 (H)

Cell: 082 654 9917



blog site:


2015 WA1500 World Championships

SAPA is considering sending a ‘self-funded’ Team to the above-mentioned Championships.This is purely an advance notification and no consideration has or can, at this stage, be given as to the specific details and how much financial support, if any, will be provided. This advice of intention is issued to try and ensure that if and when Team selection becomes a reality, a selection can be made from those who have endeavoured to participate in various Championships between now and June 2015.

More details to follow.

Fabian Roberts

NPA/PPC Vice President: South African Pistol Association


Results - SAPA PDI High Performance Team


SAPA President Mr Begg Interviewed by SABC Newsroom - 22 August 2014

The SABC Newsroom interviewed SAPA President Mr. Begg about target shooting in South African and the SAPA PDI High Performance Team and their trip to the German Open 2014. The interview can be seen by following this link  , you can skip directly to the interview which starts about 43 minutes into the program.


Results - SAPA PDI High Performance Team

It is with pride that we wish to announce that the SAPA PDI High Performance team who participated in the 2014 German Open Championships  have done us proud by winning 3 Gold and 3 Bronze medals  in the various grading of different events. The team arrived home and are all in good health.

On behalf of the Team, we wish to express our sincere thanks to all within the SAPA shooting fraternity for their moral support, encouragement and inspiration during the past 2 to 3 months of preparation and arrangements.  It is greatly appreciated by the entire team.

The team members results are as follows:

  1. Lazola Banzana - Gold in Distinguished Revolver Marksman Class

  2. Mohyedien Begg - Bronze in Distinguished Pistol Expert Class

  3. Morne Thumbran - Gold in Service Pistol Expert Class

  4. Nico Rautenbach - Bronze in 1500 Pistol Marksman Class, Bronze in Distinguished Revolver Expert Class and Gold in Standard    Semi-Automatic Pistol Marksman Class




SAPA PDI High Performance Team

The SAPA Office has great pleasure in announcing that SAPA will be sending the first PDI High Performance Team to participate in the 2014 German Open in Philippsburg, Germany from 11 – 19 August 2014

The team members were selected based on their gradings and from the scores at the recent  SA National Champs, held in Bellville, Cape Town from 28 April to 2 May 2014. 

The event is financed in part from Lotto Funding for which the application was specifically in respect of  PDI High Performance identification and development. 

The team members in alphabetical order are as follows:

  1. Lazola Banzana

  2. Mohyedien Begg

  3. Shafaath Gilbert

  4. Fabian Roberts

  5. Morne Thumbran

  6. Nico Rautenbach has been nominated as the Team Manager (self-funded)



NPA and PPC Match Rulebook Revised as at June 2014

The NPA and PPC Match Rulebook has been revised after the SAPA Open Championships 2014




NEWSLETTER 19, 23.11.2012




ISSF New Shooting Rules & Finals: all events will start from zero and end up in a duel

All finalists will start from zero, all finals will end up with a duel to assign the Gold medal. It’s the ISSF major step forward from the introduction of finals in 1986.



After more than two years of work by ISSF bodies, the ISSF Administrative Council unanimously approved the new ISSF rules on 13 November 2012, that open a new chapter for the Shooting Sport Olympic events.   

The new rules feature many important changes designed to increase Shooting’s appeal to youth and make it more spectator and media friendly, as well as to keep competitions fair and equal.    

New Shooting Finals start from zero, feature eliminations, and end up in a duel.
Major changes include new Finals for all Olympic events. The new rules contain new Finals formats for all Olympic events where all finalists start from zero. This means that qualification’s score will not be carried into the final anymore, making the scoring system immediately understandable for the spectators.

Furthermore, all Finals feature eliminations, and end with duels between the two best athletes to decide the gold and silver medals. This step was taken to engage a worldwide public by attracting spectators and fans through an appealing and easily understandable competition format.  

The new ISSF Rules also include small increases in difficulty in Skeet and Double Trap, the separation of sighting and match firing in 10m and 50m rifle and pistol events, a new position order for 50m Rifle 3 Positions events and a provisional test of decimal scoring for 10m Air Rifle and 50m Prone Rifle events. The Final for the 50m Rifle 3 Positions events is now a 3 Positions Final, not a one-position Final like it use to be, and will include changing times from one position to the other.

New skill elements like reverse doubles on stations 3 and 5 in Skeet and making rapid position changes in 3-position rifle Finals will add interest. Both 25m Pistol Finals will use hit-miss scoring to encourage more spontaneous spectator reactions.   

Detailed rules for all new Finals are included in the 2013 Rules which are already published on the ISSF website.  These new Finals will be used in all 2013 ISSF Championships.

The entire ISSF family participated in the development of new Rules.
The ISSF tried to involve the entire ISSF family in developing the 2013 ISSF Rules.  ISSF Section Committees not only made initial proposals, but they were given multiple opportunities to review rules drafts. 

The Athletes and Coaches Committees not only contributed ideas, but were involved in evaluating the rules.  Elite athletes and national coaches were especially active in developing the new Finals Rules.  In some cases, difficult compromises had to be worked out to meet the diverse aims of these vital ISSF constituent groups.

The ISSF is especially pleased that so many National Federations, industry members, athletes, coaches and even shooting fans were able to participate in making the 2013 ISSF Rules and help make the new rules stronger and more effective.  

"An important step forward to keep a leading position" ISSF President said.
"Changing is necessary, to keep our sport on top." The ISSF President, Mr. Olegario Vazquez Raña said.   

"The Shooting Sport has always been a leading sport in the Olympic movement. And with the new finals we made an important step forward to keep that leading position." The ISSF President said.  

"This is the major step forward since the introduction of Final matches in 1986. It was time to change." The ISSF Secretary General Franz Schreiber said, at the ISSF Organizers Workshop, where the new rules were presented, today.  

"The ISSF has always been open to innovation, and we are proving it once again. All sport must adapt to the digital era of technology and media. The time has come to adopt new finals which fulfil these objective." Secretary General Franz Schreiber added.  

"New Challenges means new opportunities." The ISSF Vice-President Gary Anderson said. "We have new finals, and we will have to work hard to make this working. But our sport will benefit of this new, appealing format."    

More details on the changes available on the ISSF website in the news sections at

New ISSF Rulebook

The new 2013 ISSF Rulebook, which will be effective from the 1st of January 2013 and used for all the 2013 ISSF World Cup Stages, is available for download at:


Request for Photo's


Kindly send in photos that you took at any of the recent Championships. I would like to post these pictures in the gallery section of the website. You can email the pictures to

Thanking you guys in advance.



Drug Free Sport

To all Provincial Chairpersons,

The attached list of “Drugs in Sport” is circulated to all Provinces, due to the fact that many of our sportsmen & women could be using chronic prescription medication and may, or may not, be aware if the use of the respective medication is approved, or appears on the list supplied by Drug Free Sport. Please check both websites.

Members who are taking medication which appears on the list, should get their Medical Practitioners to complete a TUE form, which must be submitted to SAPA for record keeping. Please ensure that your names are printed clearly on the sealed envelopes, before submission to the SAPA Office. The completed TUE Forms are treated as strictly confidential and will only be presented to Drug Free Sport by SAPA, in cases where a member who is on chronic medication should be tested during a Championship. Completed TUE Forms ensures that members who are on chronic listed medication, are not exposed to permanent disqualification in the shooting sport.

Kindly distribute this Circular as widely as possible to all Clubs and members alike.

Your co-operation in this regard is appreciated.

Kind regards,


2012 Druglist Booklet

Contact Details:
SA Institute for Drug-Free Sport
P O Box 2553, Clareinch 7740
Cell: 079 461 3352
Tel: 0861 072437 (0861 0 SAIDS)
Fax: 0861 272437 (0861 2 SAIDS)



Email received from Chris Higgins Corporate Aviation Security Manager

The carriage of firearms on British Airways (operated by Comair) and

Dear Sir / Madam

There has been many queries regarding the various websites informing members that British Airways (operated by Comair) and do not carry firearms. Please be advised that this is a misrepresentation, we DO carry and are licenced to transport firearms on our aircraft.

For any further information please would you refer to the various website as appropriate and This will provide detailed information on what to do and what is required.

Comair would appreciate it if you could notify your members and associates accordingly. Alternatively I can be contacted directly for any queries.

Your assistance in this would greatly be appreciated.

Kind Regards

Christopher Higgins
Corporate Aviation Security Manager
• m: +27 83 779 7827
• t: +27 32 436 7013
• f: +27 86 648


Revitalising ISSF Campaign


Dear All

Please assist the SA Pistol Association in revitalising ISSF by ascertaining the availability of .22 ISSF equipment as well as decent air pistols.

Let the SAPA office know of anyone who may have .22's for sale for inclusion onto their website and please assist in establishing the whereabouts of ex members, especially those that are retired and who may still have their .22's.

Please forward all information to the SAPA office via your respective provincial chairperson's.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.




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